PSA - Plugin Addiction and Empty Wallets

Quick public service announcement:


Use the following section as a guide to discover new mixing techniques and open your mind to creative ways to process sounds.

I'll try to list as much free plugin as I can, but I also need to be honest with you and show you exactly what I use. You can find the full list of free plugins in the resource section at the end of the course.

If you had to buy 3 plugins to fully enjoy this course, I would get:

xFer - Serum ($189 or $9 per month on Splice).
It comes with Serum FX which has amazing filters.

Waves - Renaissance Bass ($79)
Great way to generate low end to recordings that don't have any.

Waves - TransX Multi ($99)
Multiband transient designer. The secret to add punch.

These 3 plugins combined with free and stock plugins is more than enough to create professional trailer sound design.

Most stock plugins are wonderful. Don't underestimate them. Everything I list with "Ableton" in front means stock plugin, so you probably have something similar in your DAW.

If ever you see a plugin I use and you don't have it, you can probably find a 30 day demo. Not all plugins work for everyone, so you might not end up using it by the end of the trial period.

Lastly, I want to emphasize "vision over quality". The choice you make are much more audible than the quality of the plugin you use.

  • Choosing the right reverb decay time has more impact than the reverb quality.
  • Choosing the right EQ curve has more impact than the EQ's quality.
  • Choosing the right compression treshold and ratio has more impact than the compressor's color.

All that said, hope you'll find this little guide useful. Most of the techniques I write will later be showcased in the sound design videos.