Main Trailers

Main Trailers

Let's start with the big main trailers.

The main trailers usually contain the biggest amount of impressions and information about the upcoming movie compressed into 2 to 4 minutes (average 2 minutes and 30 seconds).

The structure might slightly vary from trailer to trailer. However, this course is based on my study of several hundred trailers and tv spots. I will add the estimated average duration each of your acts should be based on.

The different common acts are:

  • Act I - Introduction
  • Act II - Buildup
  • Act III - Climax I
  • Act IV - Climax II
  • Act V - Outro

All of these will make up the entire structure of a typical main trailer. There are many variations of this, but this is a great structure to start with when creating a track.

Let's have a closer look at each of them, and the music that's used!